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Automotive Transport Near Me

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How Can I Find Automotive Transport Near Me?

If you are working in any sort of industry that utilizes cars, trucks, vans or other automobiles, chances are there comes a time that you need to deal with automotive transport. Whether you’re looking for fleet transportation services or you just need to move one vehicle across the country or across the state, we’ve put together a few tips to help you find automotive transport near me.


  • Search Online - A quick search on Google, Bing or another search engine should bring up many different options for automotive transport near me. Even if you are in a more remote location, many of these companies work within large regions.

  • Look at Services - Check out the services offered. Not every company will be able to handle every single automotive transport task. Find a company that meets your needs in terms of services.

  • Consider Results - Does the company have a good track record of getting the job done? Ask about their results and their on-time rate. A company that is dedicated to being the best will never mind sharing this information with you.

  • Check Reviews - Online reviews on Google, Facebook or other review sites give you an important look at how effective the company is and whether customers are happy with the results they receive.

  • Talk to Former Customers - If you can reach out to other customers who have used the company in the past, you’ll get a better idea of whether the company is effective and they get the job done right. However, take any information you get with a grain of salt--not every former customer will be willing to share a good resource with a competitor.

  • Ask Around within the Industry - Do you have connections in your industry? Why not find out what company they use for transportation of vehicles. You may find a connection that you would have never considered.

  • Connect on Social Media - Connect with a few different automotive transport companies on social media. You will then have a direct line to the firm. Plus, you can read up on what they do and you’ll even get a good idea of how they approach customer service based on their social media interactions with customers.

Now that you know a bit more about finding automotive transport, if you are in or around Charleston, SC, reach out to our team at Trident Logistics, LLC today. Our team of fleet transportation services experts will help you determine exactly what you need and move forward with your next automotive transport task. We are excited to get started working with you!

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