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Home For Good

My Dad always told me, "If you want to come home to live in Charleston, great.  But, you should only do so after you've gained expertise and can improve the community."  I left Charleston to pursue a dream, slay a dragon and travel the world.  After 6 years active duty in the SEAL teams and 5 years in the Naval Reserves, an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, time spent working at Goldman Sachs & Co. and having owned minorty stakes in various businesses, I am following Dad's advice.  I've brought my best assets, my wife, Kate and our four children, along with me.  

Trident Logistics, LLC has succeeded and will continue to grow because of great people, tight processes and exceptional customer service.  We started Trident Logistics, LLC in 2019 as a freight brokerage (sourcing trucking capacity to meet customer freight demand).  We are growing the brokerage and expanding into customs and forwarding.  We have built our capabilities around the needs of world-class manufacturers and suppliers, who demand outstanding service and attention to detail throughout their supply chain.  We assist our customers with transportation, warehouse procurement, distribution operations, intermodal transport of goods and even direct-to-customer delivery.  We would love an opportunity to work for you!

Deeds not words

-Ben Pittard

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