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Freight Broker Near Me

How to Choose a Freight Broker Near Me

When you’re checking out freight brokerage options in your area (be that here in Charleston, SC or anywhere in the country), it can be nerve wracking trying to search among all the options and find the right one to handle your transport projects. You don’t have to just pick blindly. We’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the best freight broker near me.


  • Check Reviews - Online reviews can sometimes be highly useful and other times not so much. However, if you are considering a particular company to handle your freight needs, it does not hurt to look at online reviews. Spend some time looking at both positive and negative reviews. This at least gives you something to focus on when you call to discuss your project.

  • Talk to Customer Service - Spend some time working with the customer service teams of any freight brokerage you may be considering. The customer service staff should be knowledgeable and well trained. Plus, they should be friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have all your questions answered. Good customer service speaks volumes about what you can expect from the rest of the team.

  • Make Sure They Offer Services to Meet Your Needs - not every freight company is alike. Do you need on-site brokers or another specialty service? Make sure they will have you covered. In addition, make certain they can handle jobs in your area and that they will transport to the locations where your clients are located.

  • Connect on Social Media - Follow a few popular companies online and see what you can learn from social media. Not only may you discover more about the services they offer from their own posts, but you’ll get a look at some of the customers who choose to work with the freight company too. Social media is very useful in today’s business--no matter what industry you work in.

  • Reach Out to Others in the Industry - You likely know others who are in the same line of business you are. What companies do they use for their logistics consulting tasks? Are they happy with the service they receive or do they recommend staying far away? This can be valuable information that helps you thrive.


If you are searching for a freight brokerage in or around Charleston, SC, we invite you to learn more about the services we offer at Trident Logistics, LLC. We employ freight brokers throughout the United States and can support any project! We offer on-site brokers, third-party logistics and many other consulting services that can help you get your transport from here to there with as little stress as possible. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help!

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